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Carver Legacy Center

Doing more in and around the North Omaha community to help build and sustain wealth.


The Carver Legacy Center is a Black-led Financial Collaborative Center located in North Omaha at the historic corner of 24th and Lake. The primary purpose is to help African Americans grow and sustain wealth starting with a focus on business ownership, home ownership, and community ownership.


This innovative and collaborative financial center was founded in partnership with American National Bank, giving The Carver Legacy Center access to the many benefits that only a big bank can offer, while still offering the personalized service of a single location focused on doing more for the wealth of Black communities. 


To learn more about the Carver Legacy Center, read our featured article in the Omaha World Herald.


Resurrecting a historic institution.

In 1944, Carver Savings and Loan opened as Nebraska’s first black-owned financial institution. Nearly eight decades later, this progressive and cooperative partnership will resurrect financial services in this historic financial institution by providing increased access to credit, capital, and loans to the African American community in which they serve.

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Carver Legacy Center building


Doing our part.

American National Bank seeks to enhance African American financial strength, opportunities, and growth with focus on the North Omaha community through loans funded from the “Carver Legacy” deposits. “Carver Legacy” deposits are reserved for business loans, and for both market rate and affordable housing loans, to grow African American ownership and empowerment primarily in the North Omaha community.

Photo credit: Omaha World-Herald

Carver Legacy Center




Willie & Yolanda Barney

SMB Enterprises / Revive Omaha!



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John & Wende Kotouc

American National Bank

Meet Our Team


Ernest White

First Vice President,
Community Development Officer

Ernest White

Phone: 402-457-1005

Ryan Meyer


Vice President, Commercial Banker

Ryan Meyer

Phone: 402-537-4902

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