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Specialty Financing 

Financing solutions that do more for your business. 

Operating across 10 states, over several decades, American National Bank’s specialty finance experts have seen it all. Our team of experienced bankers is proficient in numerous industries and understands the complexities and challenges each of them faces. Using this knowledge, we work hand in hand with clients to personalize the right solution for your operation. Whether it’s fleet, equipment, or receivables financing or leasing, contact your local American National Bank specialty finance banker to learn more about your financing options.


Flexible financing options for your fleet.

Whether it’s semi-trucks, semi-trailers, or construction equipment, our financing options will help you grow your fleet.

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Grow your business and improve your cash flow.

Cash Finder helps your business bridge the gap between payables and receivables, leaving more time for you to manage expenses and inventory and pursue new business prospects. The day you send the invoice, cash will be deposited in your account.


Flexible options for internal projects.

Instead of tying up your business in a long-term lease, we offer companies a new, shorter-term option called metro leasing.

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The easiest way to purchase equipment.

In addition to transportation/fleet financing, we offer financing for a number of different areas, including: manufacturing, printing, distribution, construction, machine tools, and computers and technology.


As a $4-billion community bank with 37 locations throughout the Midwest, we are your destination for transportation-industry financing. 


Strength in performance.

Mapping the possibilities.


Top-50 community bank in equipment financing.

Experience with over 100 fleet owners over a
10-state area.

Dedicated team that understands fluctuations
in the market.

Team stays current by monitoring trends and
regulatory changes.

We offer innovative strategies to navigate the
best course through any conditions.

Local and in-house centralized decision-making, processing, and client management.

Experience working with fast-growing companies.

Heavy-duty Class 8 trucks / fleet transportation.

Manufacturing, printing, or distribution equipment.

Heavy construction equipment (new and used).

Machine tools and other revenue-producing equipment.

Computers and technology.

Accounts-receivable financing for improved cash flow.

Lines of credit with higher advance rates.

Loans and leases on new and used vehicles.

Staffing companies employing medical, IT, and other professionals