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Nonprofit Banking

Helping those who do good do more.

While American National Bank is committed to helping our community through volunteerism and donations, we also offer nonprofit banking solutions to help community nonprofits thrive. Whether it’s a checking account for your daily transactions, depositing donations, or paying bills by check, ACH, or card transaction—our solutions help you make the most of your time and money. And because nonprofits often have to do more with less, our experienced bankers are able to recommend products and services that help stretch your organization’s dollars while meeting your unique set of needs.


Benefits of working with ANB

Working-capital lines of credit
Special accounts designed specifically for nonprofits 
Flexibility, access to funds, and interest maximization
Streamlined operations and account protection
Community involvement from team members 
Industry knowledge 
Health, education, and community development experts
Unparalleled customer service with a local presence.

Products and Services

Donation Automation

Fraud Prevention
Credit Cards

Merchant Processing
Remote Deposit Capture





Empowering larger nonprofits with premium benefits.

We know that with nonprofits, the bigger your organization, the higher your banking activity will be. In an effort to help you save and bring as much money as possible to help your cause, we offer discounts on items processed, credits to offset monthly account fees, and allow you to accrue a competitive interest rate on your balance once service fees are offset.

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Created specifically for organizations like yours.

Nonprofit Checking is a low-cost alternative designed for organizations with limited transaction activity. Open an account with a minimum deposit of $150 and no monthly maintenance fees—as long as you remain above that minimum balance. In this plan, you’ll be given 300 free items a month, including checks, withdrawals, deposits, and deposited items.


Make the most of your money.

Spend when and how you want with the flexibility to access funds anywhere, anytime. Combined with competitive market rates that maximize interest, you’ll keep money coming in. And when you keep a total of $2,500 in your account, you won’t be charged a maintenance fee, so you can make every dime do more.

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Benefits of Our Nonprofit Checking Options