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Healthcare Banking 

Flexible solutions for your rapidly changing industry. 

American National Bank offers an exclusive Healthcare Banking Division that focuses on the complex and rapidly changing needs of the healthcare industry. Our team of financial experts is dedicated to helping medical practices and healthcare facilities get more done and become more profitable. Led by our team of experienced bankers, we provide the fundamental services and innovative solutions to help our clients succeed with financial advantages through reduced costs and accelerated cash flow, operational efficiency, and institutional insight.


Providence Medical Center


“Working with American National was great! Ed Finan and his team helped us navigate the very complicated process of a bond issue. He helped wrangle the attorneys and kept us working on a schedule, making a process that usually takes much longer get finished by a December 21 deadline. We had to rush due to the myriad questions surrounding the tax law that passed in late December federally—we weren’t sure if we’d be able to access the bond issue depending on how the law settled out.”

—Julie Sebastian, President and CEO 

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