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Fraud Protection

Stop fraud before it starts.

American National Bank is committed to providing our customers with the necessary knowledge and security measures to aid in fraud protection. We believe in a layered security approach that adds more complete protection on top of your own internal controls. Explore our fraud-protection products and services or contact a banker today to discuss how you can remain safe from unauthorized transactions and fraud.


Protection from a rising form of fraud.

We don’t write checks, so we are safe…right? Wrong. Even when checks aren’t being issued, ACH fraud is still a substantial risk to any account—and one that is rising around the world. Protect yourself from unauthorized ACH transactions.

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Checks with the most protection possible.

Checks remain the payment method most often exposed to fraudulent activity. Protect your account from unauthorized check transactions.


An added layer of security.

Dual Custody requires a second user’s approval for payment initiation or requires one person to initiate the payment and a second person to approve release of the transaction for processing.

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Banking done easy.

Our Business Online Banking platform delivers account information online through eStatements and can help reduce the risk of mail fraud and information theft that can occur with paper statements.

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