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ACH Fraud Protection

Protection against unauthorized transactions.

Each year, electronic payment fraud costs American businesses billions of dollars in losses. And this type of fraud only continues to grow. Under NACHA rules, your organization has only 24 hours to return certain fraudulent ACH transactions. Additionally, the non-financial impacts of fraud are potentially just as damaging as the pure monetary loss. Make sure your accounts are protected, today. We’re dedicated to working with our clients to put the necessary protective measures in place to protect them from ACH fraud and the associated financial loss.


Choose which debits get posted and which don’t.

ACH Filters put you in control, enabling you to monitor activity on your accounts and automatically stop ACH transactions that aren’t pre-authorized. Filters can include company ID, amount, and Standard Entry Class codes (SEC)—with designated staff having the ability to review unauthorized transactions. Receive notifications via automated email alerts and easily view reports online.

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Shield yourself from fraudulent debits.

An ACH Block is another way to protect your account. It allows you to stop all ACH unauthorized debits, credits, or both from posting to your account and automatically flag these transactions as exemptions for further review.*

Steps to Protect Yourself From ACH Fraud

*Availability of this features is dependent upon your account type