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Important Holiday Notice

American National Bank and The Federal Reserve Bank will be closed on Monday, February 17th, for President's Day.

Please keep in mind that transactions cannot settle on Monday, February 17th.

To ensure payment by Friday, February 14th, your ACH entries should be processed through iBank on Thursday, February 13th, and dated for February 14th. We recommend that you transmit the ACH information prior to 9:30 AM.

Any ACH transactions initiated on Friday, February 14th, will not settle until Tuesday, February 18th.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to call the Funds Transfer area at 402-399-5020.

American National Bank


We make your mission, our mission

We make your mission, our mission

A bank that asks "why?"

You do a million different things every single day. For each of those things, there's a "why?" that drives you. That's what we're interested in: the "why?"

We built American National Bank over 100 years ago with the same curiosity. We believe that you have to understand someone's motivation before you can help them to achieve their goals. And we carry that with us to today.

We believe in celebrating the hard work, innovation, courage, and determination of our clients, whether they're applying for a new business loan or opening up their first savings account. We get to know our clients so we can help guide them on the best path possible.

In this community, we've taken great strides to improve lives, grow businesses and provide financial freedom to our customers. We believe in the independence and integrity of our customers, and help them to do the best with their answers to life's biggest "why's?"



Compass pointing toward a mission.

Our Mission Statement

Be the preferred financial services provider to businesses and individuals, while providing rewarding challenges and opportunities to our employees and investing in the communities where we live.







Our Values

We believe that people need to work together toward common goals to make life better. Our best way to do that is by relating to our customers. Sure, we offer a great variety of convenient services and products. But we set ourselves apart by finding the core values of our customers and building our banking experience around that.

Here are the values we share with our customers:


Only coming from genuine intention - we are real with our customers and keep our intentions pure.

Respect and Trust

You're a person and we will treat you as such - we will respect you and work to earn your trust.

Knowledge and Continuous Development

We never stop our education - the more we know, the more we can help you.

Flexibility to Innovate

As the times change, we must too - we adapt to help you navigate a world that's always in flux.


We believe in working together - taking your ideas and blending them with ours.

Confidence and courage to make decisions and own outcomes

We aim to deliver - we always do the best we can for all of our customers.

Historical photo of an American National Bank branch.

Our History

While you may not remember the grand opening of our first bank founded in 1856, it's important to note that we have a long and proud history of providing financial services in Nebraska and Iowa.

Over the years, we've grown to 30 locations in Nebraska and Iowa, and 7 locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area (operating under the "Western Bank" name), with more than $3.3 billion in assets.

Our financial strength and stability are the result of fiscally responsible local leadership and conservative banking practices. And although banking has changed over time, one thing remains the same - our strong commitment to providing unmatched personal service and innovative banking products to individuals, families and businesses for many years to come.


Our Facts and Ratings

American National Bank Facts

  • One of the largest privately owned banks in Nebraska
  • The largest depository bank in the Council Bluffs, Iowa, market area
  • The top home-lending provider in the Council Bluffs metro area
  • Rated an "SBA Preferred Lender"
  • Regional lending capacity in excess of $32 million

Analyst Coverage & Ratings

  • Five-Star, Superior Recommended Bank on (2017, 2016)
  • Recognized as the #1 bank in Council Bluffs as voted by Daily Nonpareil's annual Readers' Choice survey. (2017, 2016, 2014, 2012 - 2004)


Hands raised to volunteer.

Changing our community for the better

Our greatest resource is our community.  It's part of our heritage.  That's why we invest so much time and energy into building it.  We focus our support on organizations providing services that build our communities, that address the needs of low-to-moderate income households and neighborhoods, and have a special interest in organizations that protect the most vulnerable children. 

American National Bank has invested considerable energy and financial resources in pursuit of building stronger communities.  It is our corporate policy to encourage all employees to do the same. Our employees generously give their time and talent. The bank supports their commitment to the community by offering Volunteer Time Off (VTO) hours.  We believe that, through a strong community, everyone prospers together.

Some of the programs we support:

Education & Youth Development 

Every child should receive a quality education. That's why we support educational organizations.  We offer mentoring programs for at risk youth and provide internships for future work forces students

Untitled-1.jpg Untitled-1_0.jpg 
Phoenix Academy logo

Health and Human Services

Each year gifts are given directly to nonprofit organizations meeting health and human service needs. 

The-Salvation-Army.png One-World.png

Community Development

We are involved in projects that promote long-term growth for low income communities. These projects often qualify for credit under the Community Reinvestment Act and result in affordable housing, schools, economic development, community revitalization and job creation.

Habitat for humanity WF_Logo

We feel honored to make a meaningful difference in our communities.


Customer Testimonials

“We have partnered with American National Bank for a long time, and they have always been attentive to our business and to our needs. We know that we can rely on them for sound financial advice and excellent supportive services, and as a result, we can focus on what matters most to us: providing culturally respectful, quality health care to underserved populations.  American National Bank’s generous support of community organizations is also noteworthy. Thanks to their sponsorship of our Care Mobile, we are able to provide comprehensive dental care to underprivileged children in the Omaha area.” - September Symens, One World Omaha

"Everyone, everywhere deserves a decent place to live.  Since 1984, we have been working tirelessly to end substandard housing and transform neighborhoods in our community.  Without great partners like American National Bank, we would not be able to help low-income families realize their dream of homeownership" - Kathy Roum, Habitat for Humanity

"We are grateful for the continued support of American National Bank as we work to improve the lives of women and girls in our community. Our efforts would not be possible without their investments in our research, grants, and advocacy." - Michelle Zych, Women's Fund of Omaha 

"For more than a decade, American National Bank has been the home of The Salvation Army Tree of Lights. The bank welcomed the Army to place our tree on the corner of the busiest intersection in Omaha, 90th & Dodge streets. The 75-foot spectacular tree stands both as a symbol of hope and a reminder to give generously during the Christmas season. The Tree of Lights has become a beloved tradition in Omaha. The bank not only hosts our tree but has brought significant resources to enhance the Tree of Lights experience. Thanks to American National Bank, dozens of community partners now participate in this project as loyal volunteers. The leadership and staff at American National Bank are indeed our "Partners for Good." - Hayley Henriksen, The Salvation Army

"We’re grateful for American National Bank, who joins us in creating big opportunities for youth in North Omaha – both as a supporter and as our banking partner.” –Brenda Block, The Hope Center for Kids

"They know that our time is valuable and they come up with solutions to make our business more efficient." - Dr. Barry Jose, Council Bluffs Family Eyecare Center

"Farmers around here say the same thing - American National Bank is a great place to bank." - Cary Saar, Saar Farms

"They gave me a chance - believed in me and my dreams - when other banks didn't." - Betty Saar, The Gallery Salon

"They're really hands-on and actually care about the success of our business.You won't find a better bank." - Vicki Tarascio, Miller Orthopedic Specialists