Promotions of Three ANB Leaders Mark Continued Commitment to Client-First Service

Aug, 21, 2021


American National Bank is promoting three senior team members—Ben Bemis as Chief Product and Operations Officer, Chris Garinger as Executive Vice President and Lorie Lewis as Director of Client-Focused Solutions. Each brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to their respective roles as American National Bank continues to grow. 


Ben Bemis, Chief Product and Operations Officer

Ben Bemis joined American National Bank in 2019 as a Senior Vice President leading a Commercial Lending team. As Chief Product and Operations Officer, he will strategically lead the development of potential new and existing client-facing products, including the ANB card and payment suite, as well as evolving fintech opportunities. He has more than 16 years of experience in banking leadership and client support experience.

“Ben leads with an entrepreneurial spirit and high standards of quality. His experience across the spectrum of relationship management and passion for innovation make him a great fit for this new role. His work will foster synergy across departments in ways that will continually enhance our clients’ experience.”

– Wende Kotouc, American National Bank Executive Co-Chairman/CEO

Chris Garinger, Executive Vice President

Chris Garinger has been with American National Bank for six years and will continue his journey in his new role of Executive Vice President. Chris is serving as the Director of the bank’s Indirect Division, which has seen incredible success under his leadership. He is passionate about promoting the importance of financial literacy and healthy personal credit.

“Chris has a vibrant vision for optimizing talent and leveraging technology. He has more than 20 years of progressive banking and auto dealer finance expertise and is enthusiastic in his pursuit of continual improvement, client engagement and digitally-focused innovation.”

– John Kotouc, American National Bank Executive Co-Chairman/CEO

Lorie Lewis, Director of Client-Focused Solutions

In her more than 25-year career at ANB in Treasury Operations and Product Management, Lorie’s immense banking expertise and strategic problem-solving ability have been instrumental to the bank’s success. In collaboration with others, Lorie has always been a constant champion and advocate for our clients’ perspective. In a new role as Director of Client-Focused Solutions, she will continue to lead teams and spearhead initiatives that have significant impact on meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs. Her passion extends beyond her professional role to her involvement in the community through her work on several boards.

“Lorie’s commitment to customizing solutions for our clients has been unmatched. The energy and experience she brings to this new role will continue to make our client experience the best it can be.” 

– John Kotouc, American National Bank Executive Co-Chairman/CEO


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