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Important message from American National Bank regarding COVID-19 preparedness

To Our Valued Clients,

Our branch lobbies are closed to unscheduled walk-in traffic with the exception of select branches in the Southeast community. Please check our locations page for the latest updates.

Services will be fully available via our mobile and online platforms, as well as from our drive-thru windows, ITMs, and ATMs. Please check the ‘Locations’ tab for access points nearest to you.

We want to assure you of the following as it relates to the continuity of our business operations:

  • American National Bank has been, and will continue to, actively monitor developments regarding the potential spread, and impact of the coronavirus with guidance from relevant authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization and U.S., state and local government entities. We feel it is imperative to limit face-to-face interaction until we have assurances from our local health departments that the virus is contained with no further risk of community-related spread.
  • American National Bank’s Business Continuity Planning Program was successfully deployed several weeks ago with protocols that are active and reliable.
  • American National Bank remains committed to providing the highest level of service with multiple layers of protection for our most important assets: our people, information security and cash flow.

We are here to help you:

  • In the event you need to meet in person, we invite you to contact your local branch or banker or click here to make an appointment. We request that you follow the CDC guidelines of self-screening to personally evaluate yourself to determine if you could be at risk by exhibiting any of the symptoms related to the virus. Visit for more information. 
  • If you are experiencing a hardship or have a different need, please click here.
  • Contact our Customer Service representatives with any questions at 1-800-279-0007, M-F: 7am-7pm, Sat: 8am-1pm
  • If you are a business or commercial client, please reach out to your Relationship Manager
  • To protect yourself against any COVID related scams, please look out for any suspicious activity from emails, texts and phone calls that may impersonate a company, charity or government agency. Never share sensitive information and do not click on links or open attachments as they may be malicious. For more information go to:

American National Bank thanks you for your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time. We appreciate the trust you place in us and want you to know that the health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. We view the implementation of this change in access as part of our contribution to maintaining a strong and healthy community.

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American National Bank

Personal Banking

Explore your options

Find the best solution to your banking needs

Explore your options

Find the best solution to your banking needs

Get personal with your personal banking

When you bank with us, we work for you. Think of us as personal assistants for your future (and current) financial plans. We'll meet you on your terms, whether it's on your phone, laptop, or in person. At American National Bank, we customize your banking experience for you.


Checking your way

No matter how you like to bank, we'll help you find a checking account that suits your lifestyle. Whether you're searching for a higher interest rate account, a simple free account, or something in the middle, we've got you covered, no matter what your style of checking is.






Discover the right checking account for you


Smart Checking

Direct Checking

Relationship Checking

STAR Checking


Earn a high rate of interest on the money in your account and get free foreign ATM fee refunds by meeting qualifications. See qualifications below.

Take advantage of the economical checking account with no service fees when requirements are met.

Earn more rewards when you combine this checking account with a money market, savings account or personal loan or maintain a minimum balance.

Earn interest, receive free paper statements and get free foreign ATM transactions.

Minimum to Open





Minimum Balance



$750 minimum daily balance or a $10,000 minimum balance in a combination of the following account relationships: money market, savings account, or personal loan


Interest Earned

Pays interest on the entire balance; earn a higher rate of interest on balances up to $10,000 when qualifications are met. Click here to see our Smart Checking Cycles.


Pays interest when a $750 minimum daily balance is maintained.

Pays interest when balance is more than $5,000

Monthly Service Fee


$5 a month (check safekeeping).  If you choose to receive check images with your statement, there is an additional $3 fee.


$5 monthly service fee waived if any one of the following criteria are met:

  • Direct deposit
  • The primary account holder is under the age of 22 or 55 years or older

Additional $3 check image fee is waived if both criteria are met.

Low monthly service fee if checking balance falls below $750 or if relationship accounts do not meet minimum requirements ($6 without check images; $9 with check images)

$15 monthly service fee is waived when minimum balance requirement is maintained

Special Features

Earn ATM fee refunds
Foreign ATM fee refunds up to $15 per qualification cycle (including both American National Bank ATM fees and surcharges applied by other institutions). 



  • Have at least 12 Debit Mastercard® purchases post and clear each qualification cycle
  • Have a combination of three (3) ACH transactions (debits or credits) post and clear each qualification cycle
  • eStatements required to qualify


Smart Checking Plus Smart Saver

  • Savings linked to your Smart Checking account
  • Automatically transfers interest and ATM refunds from Smart Checking
  • Earn a high rate of interest (when qualifications are met)

Unlimited transactions (checks, Debit Mastercard®, American National Bank ATM and pre-authorized withdrawals)

  • Check images returned at no fee*
  • Free specialty checks
  • Free Gift Card (limit two per month)
  • Five free foreign ATM transactions per month**


*If the $10,000 minimum balance requirement is met

**Foreign ATM transactions are only waived if the $10,000 minimum balance requirement is met. This includes American National Bank fees only.  Surcharges applied by other institutions are not waived

  • Free first box of specialty checks
  • Free 3x5 safe deposit box (where available)
  • Check images returned at no fee
  • Unlimited foreign ATM transactions per month (This includes American National Bank  fees only. Surcharges applied by other institutions are not waived.)

Checking Features

Each checking plan is designed for simplicity, convenience, and flexibility. We'll help you select the account that best meets your needs. Every checking plan can include:

Debit Mastercard®

Every American National Bank checking account comes with a free Debit Mastercard®. It gives you all the benefits of a credit card and the convenience of a check.  The card also has chip card technology that provides greater security along with worldwide acceptance. 


Improve the safety and security of receiving your monthly statement by having it sent electronically. Valid email address is required.

Combined Statement

All of your checking, savings, and certificate of deposit accounts can be combined on one simple, easy-to-read statement.

Online Banking

Access your accounts, check balances, or review cleared checks. View financial tools and online images of your checks and more.

  • Account Alerts
    Set up alerts to notify you on the status of your checking and savings accounts.
  • Online Bill Pay
    Transfer funds or pay bills 24/7. It's fast, convenient, and free.
  • Mobile Banking
    Use your smartphone to check balances, transfer money, pay bills, and more.
    • Mobile Deposit
      Our app lets you deposit checks right from your smartphone!


Automated 24-hour telephone customer service. Complete and current account information on your checking, savings, CDs, or loans. Use it for investment and loan calculations, to find locations, and more.

Check Safekeeping

We'll keep copies of your checks should you ever need them. For a small additional fee, you can have your check images returned with your monthly statement.

Direct Deposit

Save valuable time by setting up direct deposit for your payroll, Social Security, and other government checks at no additional fee.

Notary Service

Next time you need a notary, stop by any of our offices and we'll provide the service at no cost to customers.

Health Savings Accounts

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt trust or custodial account established exclusively for the purpose of paying qualified medical expenses for you and your family. Certain restrictions and qualifications apply. Ask for details.

Save smarter

You want to see your money grow (we all do). The thing is, money can grow a lot of different ways.

You could put it in an account that will grow quickly, but you won't be able to touch it. Or, you could put it away in an easily accessible account, but it won't grow quite as fast. Or, you could always do something in the middle.

Depending on what you're looking for, we can help you find the savings strategy that grows best with you. So whether it's a savings account, a consumer money market account, or a certificate of deposit (CD), we have flexible savings plans for your future.


Saving Options to Help Your Money Grow


Consumer Money Market

Savings I

Certificates of Deposit/IRAs


Earn higher rate of interest. Interest is compounded monthly. Pays interest when minimum daily balance requirement of $2,500 is met.

Interest paid when minimum daily balance of $100 is met. Interest is compounded monthly.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) offer a secure alternative for saving with a fixed-dollar amount. Rates are guaranteed for the full term of the certificate. Interest rates are typically higher than a regular savings account and vary depending on term and investment. 


Up to six withdrawals, transfers, automatic payments, checks, drafts or debit card transactions allowed each cycle ($15.50 for each exceeding six).*

Up to six withdrawals/transfers monthly ($5 for each withdrawal or transfer exceeding six).*

Interest on certificates with terms of three months or greater is compounded monthly. Interest on certificates with terms of less than three months is compounded at maturity.


Monthly service fee waived if minimum daily balance of $2,500 is maintained. Low monthly service fee of $8 per month if minimum not met. 

Monthly service fee waived if minimum daily balance of $100 is maintained. Low monthly service fee of $2 per month if minimum not met.

  • Wide range of terms available – up to five years.
  • Certificates of $100,000 or more may qualify for special rates. 
  • Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. IRAs are not available for terms less than six months. Certificates with a term that is less than one year have an annual rate that is subject to change at renewal.

*Pre-authorized withdrawals (transfers by telephone, wire or PC, overdraft protection, automatic payments or checks) are limited to a combined total of six per month or the account may be assessed an excessive withdrawal fee. Accounts with continuous transactions exceeding six per cycle in the form of transfers by telephone, wire or PC, overdraft protection, automatic payments, checks, drafts or debit card may be closed or converted to a different account.


Savings Features

Each plan is designed to make it simple and convenient for you to build your savings and offer you total flexibility in reaching your goals. Each account comes with the following features:

Quarterly Statement

You will receive at least one detailed statement each quarter that summarizes the transaction and balance information for your account. If you make an electronic withdrawal or transaction during a month, you will receive a monthly statement for that month.

Money market accounts will receive a monthly statement.

If you also have a checking account with us, you can receive a monthly combined statement summarizing both your checking and savings activity by account. Ask for details.

Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit

Use your mobile phone to access online banking. Receive account information via text message, make transactions through your mobile browser or download our convenient Touch Banking app. Use our app to deposit checks right from your smartphone.


Improve the safety and security of receiving your monthly statement by having it sent electronically.
Valid email address is required.

Online Banking

Manage your money from the comfort of your home or office using your personal computer. Access your accounts, check balances or transfer funds.Set up account alerts and online bill  pay and use mobile banking.


Customer service is at your fingertips via the 24-hour telephone service number: Omaha 402-457-5465, Council Bluffs 712-325-6129 or Toll Free 1-800-725-5465.

Customize your banking experience


Enjoy the convenience of Direct Deposit

Save yourself a trip to the bank. Deposit your checks instantly (and free) from your payroll, Social Security, or other government checks. It's easy: Just go to the person who sends the checks and tell them you want to set up direct deposit, and give them your bank routing number and your account number. That's all it takes to get set up.


Keep on top of your finances with eStatements

Life doesn't need to be any more complicated than it already is. That's why we created a safe, easy, and free portal for you to view your personal statements online.

Now, you can get your eStatement online for free, including images of all of your transactions. We'll notify you each month when your statement is ready, then you just go to your online banking account to access it.

If you still want a paper copy of your statement delivered to your home, it's no problem. For a small monthly fee, you can continue to get your statements by mail. We can even include images of your checks for an additional monthly fee (unless account qualifications are met).  

Already have Online Banking?  Click here to sign up for eStatements.  Don't have Online Banking yet?  Click here to get started.

Interested in having all of your checking, savings, loans, and certificates of deposit accounts combined into one statement? Sign up for a combined statement by stopping into one of our branches or contact us today!


Peace of mind with Overdraft Protection Services

Have you ever overdrafted your account? It happens to the best of us.

We can help save you money in these situations with Overdraft Protection. You can take advantage of having a backup account to cover an overdraft on your checking account when you need it. Your backup account can be another checking, a savings, or a line of credit. 




Overdraft Protection gives you:

  • Convenience - Your purchases can still be approved even if you do not have the funds in your checking to cover them
  • Flexibility - Even if you're short on funds, you can still continue your purchase without having to worry about an overdraft
  • Peace of Mind - You won't be hit with severe overdraft fees

Want to know more? Check out these helpful links:

Explore Overdraft Protection options and how to sign up

Tips on avoiding overdraft fees altogether


Use money smarter with a Debit Mastercard®

If you have one card in your wallet, it should be a debit card.

Use the money from your checking account without writing a check, with added perks. The Debit Mastercard comes with added security with chip card technology:

  • Keeps your cash safe
  • Offers Price Protection
  • Comes with an extended warranty
  • Provides liability protection for unauthorized purchases
  • Gives you a satisfaction guarantee
  • Protects you from identity theft

Just swipe your card, select credit, sign, and go. It's easy to add a Debit Mastercard to your checking account. Stop by a branch or give us a call and we'll get you started.


Control Your Debit Card from your Phone

Introducing "MobiMoney"* - our new mobile phone application that lets you take control of your Debit Card. 

MobiMoney is a great way to protect yourself from fraud and set controls to monitor your Debit Card.  It's available on most smartphones.  With MobiMoney you can control and monitor your debit card with a simple click:

  • Turning your Debit Card – On or Off
  • Setting up spending alerts
  • Block unauthorized online shopping or cross border transactions
  • Setup a geographic boundary for your card to work in such as a city or area code.
  • Set up your card so that it only operates within proximity of your cell phone.
  • Limit the type of merchants where your card will or will not allow purchases

MobiMoney puts you in control and it’s easy to operate. Simply go to the App Store on your phone. Search for “MobiMoney”, Download the app and register your debit card. Click here to watch a demo. *Subscription fees may apply.



Order checks online

Running low on checks? No problem. You can order right from our partner site, choosing from a variety of sharp designs. Some of our checkbooks even support humanitarian causes. 

Order checks online.