Client Spotlight: Roll-N-Sweetz

Brain freeze? Not for this 17-year–old entrepreneur


Making a dream come true

A dream turned into a delectable reality for 17-year-old a’Ron Burns when his Roll-N-Sweetz rolled ice cream store caught the attention of local food lovers’ groups, social media, and local and nationwide news outlets.

Source: Omaha World-Herald. 2022.

It’s no wonder, it’s a great story full of hope and inspiration fueled by a mother’s belief in her son, a young man with the drive to figure out how to make it work, and, of course, ice cream.


Finding the funding

As any business owner knows, having a dream and ambition doesn’t equate to the doors automatically opening. There’s that thing called money that helps to make it happen. That’s where a’Ron and his mother showed their business-savvy and reached out to a community resource, the Carver Legacy Center. American National Bank’s Ernest White and Jill McClure worked with the Carver team to utilize the Carver Legacy deposit funds set-aside to provide them with a business loan. Along with other funding from the Nebraska Enterprise Fund, the doors to Roll-N-Sweetz are now wide open, and the community is eating it up.

Source: Omaha World-Herald. 2022.

The mission works

Providing loans to Black-owned businesses to help create Black wealth and opportunities in the North Omaha community is part of the Carver Legacy Center’s mission. The story of Roll-N-Sweetz is a testament to a community and partnership that will see that mission through.

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