Having Fun

Starting and operating a small business has its share of challenges, but it should also be fun. Infusing fun into the operation should be a key part of the business. It's been shown that having fun at work increases productivity. Happy people are going to bring a better attitude to their interactions with customers and co-workers and that's always good for the bottom line.

How can you go about having fun at work? First, involve your staff to look at ways to infuse fun in your workplace. Second, consider loosening up on your office décor. You need to have professional spaces, but allow employees latitude for personal expression in their work areas, in the break room and in informal meeting rooms. Third, you or an employee can take on the responsibility of a daily email with an uplifting thought or joke for the day. Finally, remember to smile and encourage laughter. Meetings that have a light hearted side are probably a lot more productive and meaningful than terribly serious meetings.