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Important Holiday Notice

American National Bank and The Federal Reserve Bank will be closed on Monday, February 17th, for President's Day.

Please keep in mind that transactions cannot settle on Monday, February 17th.

To ensure payment by Friday, February 14th, your ACH entries should be processed through iBank on Thursday, February 13th, and dated for February 14th. We recommend that you transmit the ACH information prior to 9:30 AM.

Any ACH transactions initiated on Friday, February 14th, will not settle until Tuesday, February 18th.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to call the Funds Transfer area at 402-399-5020.

American National Bank

Collection of Overdue Accounts

Collecting overdue accounts is important to the health of your business and to a steady cash flow. There are techniques to help with collection efforts.

  1. Create policies and procedures that establish how you will extend credit, bill and follow up on past due services.
  2. Obtain credit references on new customers prior to providing products or services.
  3. Always send an accompanying invoice when performing a service or shipping merchandise.
  4. Mail monthly statements communicating what is still owed, stamp past due and handwrite a friendly note requesting payment.
  5. Aggressively manage your receivables after mailing the statement by politely asking when you may expect payment.
  6. Keep steady, friendly contact with your customer until paid.
  7. After 60 days inquire why the customer hasn't paid and what can be done to speed payment.
  8. Prevent a reputation for bargaining on your bills or you may end the year without full payment on invoices.