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Important message from American National Bank regarding COVID-19 preparedness

To Our Valued Clients,

Our branch lobbies are closed to unscheduled walk-in traffic with the exception of select branches in the Southeast community. Please check our locations page for the latest updates.

Services will be fully available via our mobile and online platforms, as well as from our drive-thru windows, Teller Connect, and ATMs. Please check the ‘Locations’ tab for access points nearest to you.

We want to assure you of the following as it relates to the continuity of our business operations:

  • American National Bank has been, and will continue to, actively monitor developments regarding the potential spread, and impact of the coronavirus with guidance from relevant authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization and U.S., state and local government entities. We feel it is imperative to limit face-to-face interaction until we have assurances from our local health departments that the virus is contained with no further risk of community-related spread.
  • American National Bank’s Business Continuity Planning Program was successfully deployed several weeks ago with protocols that are active and reliable.
  • American National Bank remains committed to providing the highest level of service with multiple layers of protection for our most important assets: our people, information security and cash flow.

We are here to help you:

  • In the event you need to meet in person, we invite you to contact your local branch or banker or click here to make an appointment. We request that you follow the CDC guidelines of self-screening to personally evaluate yourself to determine if you could be at risk by exhibiting any of the symptoms related to the virus. Visit for more information. 
  • If you are experiencing a hardship or have a different need, please click here.
  • Contact our Customer Service representatives with any questions at 1-800-279-0007, M-F: 7am-7pm, Sat: 8am-1pm
  • If you are a business or commercial client, please reach out to your Relationship Manager
  • To protect yourself against any COVID related scams, please look out for any suspicious activity from emails, texts and phone calls that may impersonate a company, charity or government agency. Never share sensitive information and do not click on links or open attachments as they may be malicious. For more information go to:

American National Bank thanks you for your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time. We appreciate the trust you place in us and want you to know that the health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. We view the implementation of this change in access as part of our contribution to maintaining a strong and healthy community.

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American National Bank


We want to do everything we can to provide additional relief in response to the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 to our consumer and small business clients. We stand ready to support you with our team of dedicated bankers.

Information for You

Customer Service: For the quickest response, please call and leave a message with our customer service professionals at
1-800-279-0007 and we will return your call within the business day or you can email us at

Financial Hardship: If you are unable to make a payment on a loan, need an extension, or a fee waiver . Please complete and submit this form to be considered for a temporary financial hardship payment deferral and we will determine eligibility for those impacted.

  • The form may be submitted as follows:
    • Attach the completed PDF form to an email and send to:, or
    • Mail it to:
      American National Bank
      PO Box 2139
      Omaha, NE 68103
  • Response Time: Because of the extraordinary events impacting our communities and the high volume of customer requests, it may take us up to 7-10 business days to notify you in writing of the outcome of our review.

Automatic Payments: If you are concerned about not being able to make an automated monthly payment from your checking or savings account, we suggest suspending the automatic payment and applying for a deferral through our Disaster Relief form.

Bank at Home: Check balances and recent transactions 24/7 with online banking, our mobile app, or by phone at
1-800-279-0007. If you receive your monthly statement by mail, consider going paperless. Sign up for estatements  and securely view your documents online or in the mobile app.

Information for Your Business

Commercial Loans
If you have questions about your commercial loans with American National Bank or would like to discuss available payment options, please contact your Relationship Manager to help guide you through the process.

Treasury Management Services
As a helpful reminder, American National Bank encourages business customers to use electronic payments to receive payments and pay employees and suppliers.

Electronic payments are an efficient solution for everyday operations, particularly while mail services are being reestablished and those impacted may be relocated to temporary addresses. If you do not have all of your accounts established online, we would be happy to assist with that service. To learn more, please contact a Treasury Management Specialist at 402-399-5079, Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm with any questions.